Extra Long Light Navy T-Shirt


  • Made from premium cotton
  • Tree planted with every order
  • Extra-long length
  • 200gsm thickness

How are you feeling? High-maintenance isn’t usually a word many people associate with the average, tall person. Taller wants to make that change! With our 200gsm cotton t-shirts made just for taller folks, we’re making it easier to live in style. Now you can have a long length tee without any need for alterations and with a higher quality feel than anything else on the market. Woo hoo – no more fear of accidentally exposing your belly or lower back to the world ever again!

Our extra long t-shirts are made from 200gsm cotton and we add extra length to the overall body and the sleeves while not adding anything to the width. We use standard UK Sizes and simply adapt them. We ship anywhere in the UK for free and will also send it first class! If you are based in other countries a small fee will be required but we have tried to keep this as low as we can! Its time to enjoy some t-shirts that will actually fit.


Extra long t-shirt size guide

Weight 0.36 kg

Extra Large, Large, Medium, Small


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