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What Its Like Being Tall In A Short Mans World

What is it like to be tall? Taller than the other kids around you. Taller than your teachers, taller than your parents. This was my life growing up and I want to share with you what its like being a tall person in this world. Tall people often grow up feeling different and out of place, but there are many benefits as well! In this blog post I’ll tell you about some of the struggles that come with being tall and how they can be overcome so that we all can live our lives happily!

The early years

One of my earliest memories is from when I was a tall kid. I was probably about six or seven and I remember feeling like a giant in my class. Taller than all the other kids, almost taller than some of the teachers. It was clear that I didn’t belong with these people because they were so much shorter than me! The sense of isolation this creates is hard to describe but it’s something tall children have to live with. Being taller than kids older than you its strange. Often you ignore it but when you can see the tops of peoples heads and you get asked to reach things for teachers its often noticeable.

This is made worse by the fact that there are tall people in my family. My dad being taller than me I was used to the other end of the stick. Genetics tend to play a major role in height so I always had a family member to look up to growing up. I think a big moment for me was discovering that the chairs in my classroom were too small. I may not have looked like buddy the elf at the time but I certainly was cramped.

However it wasn’t all bad, I discovered that I got a lot of compliments on my height. Tall people are rare in schools so it was nice to be able to stand out from the crowd at least that way. Then dating became easier and easier and having looked at my old photos I think it may have purely been down to height.

Sporting expectations

Being tall and sports, where do I even start. People have major expectations of your sporting abilities and when you aren’t the sporty type, you feel like you let people down. Tall people have a lot of expectations placed on them and sometimes it can be hard to live up to those.

If you have always played sports however your height may have led to popularity and your perfect body. Being tall gives you a definitive advantage in most sports and people are more likely to take you seriously. Tall people generally have a better chance of being taken seriously in the world and are sometimes seen as ‘leaders’ or those who can make decisions wisely, which is both an advantage but also means that there’s added pressure when it comes to making choices for yourself.

The majority of athletes are tall and they will continue to be for a long time. Take a look at Michael Jordan being 6ft 6 for example.

The world of business

Tall people are always the first to be noticed in a crowd and it’s no surprise that 58% of top CEOs are tall. Tall people on average tend to earn more money than people of average height. Tall people are also more likely to be promoted than their shorter counterparts, with 66% being hired in comparison to the 34%. Tall CEOs have been shown to increase company profits by about $250 million each year on average. These statistics alone tell you why being tall is a benefit and why tall people should be happy with themselves. Tall people have it easier, so they can feel proud of their height for the many benefits that come along with being one of them.

If you’re interested more about why tall people earn more money, we wrote an interesting article here. Which explains it in more detail.

Being treated like you’re older than you are

Growing up tall often meant you were treated as if you were older than you were. Tall people were often given responsibility at an early age, which taught them to be independent and resourceful. Which could explain their success in business, it often led to moments where you felt like your childhood has passed before it had gone however. I was age 10 in a ball pit with a friend of the same age, this mother came up to me and started screaming at me and just me saying I was almost a grown up and I shouldn’t be playing. I just want to say to that mother. I was a child in a play area. You were the issue not me.

Rollercoasters were pretty sick though, you could ride ones that you probably shouldn’t be able to. Taller people have a better view of the world, we can see everything from up here! Including seeing even higher on a rollercoaster.


When out at bars or clubs shoulder room is almost guaranteed. I always loved feeling like a giant in a club. Not to mention the fact that I could see everyone in the room so I never lost my friends. Unfortunately people could see me too and I often ended up with unwanted attention.


Being tall may not be so fun sometimes but there are definitely advantages too. Taller people can reach things higher up, have a better view of the world and not to mention we’re usually taller than everybody else in our social circles. Tall people also get a lot more attention from others whether they like it or not; you could say its something that comes with being tall because everyone will always look up to us. Writing this article I have gotten quite nostalgic and I’m glad that I’m tall and you all should be too.

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