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10 Of The Best Gifts To Give To That Tall Person In Your Life

Do you know a tall person? Are you looking for the perfect gift to buy them? Then look no further. We have compiled a list of some great gifts that are sure to please any tall person in your life. Whether it’s clothes, furniture, or even something just for fun, we have an idea for every type of tall person out there! Lets get started with our list.

Tall business cards

A great gift for anyone tall, they hear the same questions over and over again. How tall are you? How’s the weather up there? Do you play basketball? Help your tall person out and let them answer the questions with a simple hand over. We include tall business cards with every purchase.

Tall Business Cards

A trip away

Covid-19 has been a little tough on all of us recently and if you’re looking for a more expensive gift then a trip away is a great idea. If given the option though its very important to look out for that tall person in your life and pay for that extra leg room. They will definitely appreciate it, we hate being cramped up for hours at a time and planes are the worst for it.

plane, flight, sunset-513641.jpg

A shower head extender

We are tall, we hate not being able to stand up and wash ourselves. So if you’re looking for a gift that will make your tall person feel like they’ve got more space in their shower then get them a shower head extender. They’ll love it! We’ve all been like that scene in elf at one point.

Extra long sleeping bag

Sleeping is one thing taller people struggle with. When you’re taller then your standard bed is too small so the best thing to do is get them a sleeping bag that’s extra long and they’ll have space at last! Sleeping bags are also great when travelling as well, we’ve found it hard to sleep in cramped spaces before but now with our own length of bag its much easier. Especially on those colder nights you can end up not fitting in it.

Extra long fitness mat

If you’re taller and need some more space when doing exercise or stretching then an extra long fitness/studio style mat is the perfect gift. One of these will help them feel like they’ve got even more room to stretch out for that perfect yoga position! Or if they want to do a little bit of weight exercises it really helps you out.

A tall mirror

Tall people can often not see themselves when looking in a mirror . This is because the mirror doesn’t show all of them. However, they can buy a tall mirror which will reflect their whole body in it! Or if you’re really feeling generous and want to go one step further, just get two mirrors that are facing each other – now your loved one has an infinity room for themselves to see every inch of their tallness.

Extra long tall clothes

If you know someone who is tall, or if you are a tall person yourself, extra long clothes will really help. Tall people notice that they can’t find the right fit in normal clothes and often have to get their clothes altered because of it. Extra long clothing makes them feel more comfortable with themselves – buy for your loved one something like an extra long hoodie or an extra long t-shirt. You can check both of these out here.

Extra long tall t-shirt white

A pair of tall joggers

You cant beat loungewear when buying for someone, its comfy and you cant really go wrong. When shopping for tall people though it can go wrong. Its very easy for them to not fit make sure you go with a tall clothing brand and if you’re looking for comfort you cant go wrong with cotton. If you’re struggling then feel free to take a look at some here.

A big and tall gaming chair

Is the tall person in your life a bit of a gamer? Then a big and tall desk chair may be for them. A big and tall chair should be higher to allow for extra leg room and also have a higher neck rest. These are great because some chairs can be really cramped on the legs.


If you’re still stuck for ideas then some extra tall socks may be the answer. Tall people can struggle some times to find a pair that fits their large feet. There are plenty of brands who make tall socks, so take a look and find the perfect pair! Not to mention socks are a classic tall gift.


In this blog post, I’ve given a bunch of ideas for gifts that tall people will love. From novelty mugs to t-shirts and extra long sleeping bags – there’s something for everyone! So don’t worry about it anymore because you’re sure to give the perfect gift if you go with one of these!

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